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Here at Midlands Vauxhall, we sell the very best of the best dash cams on the market. As well as protecting you whilst you drive, with the Halo dash cam hard-wired into your vehicle it will also record any movement or impact it senses whilst your car is parked with the ignition off.

Ensure that you’re always safe and protected with the best front and rear dash cams, with built in Wi-Fi for easy connectivity and high quality video capture.

Never turn a blind eye again, learn more about our dash cams today!

What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a video recording device which fixes to the inside of your vehicle to record the road ahead while you’re driving.

They have a wide angle view and provide continuous recording on a loop to ensure you don’t run out of memory. Files are locked down when motion detection is triggered or at the push of a button. Footage can then be viewed on a PC or mobile device via Wi-Fi.

Dash cams can be connected via a vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket or they can be hardwired in by a professional fitter.

So why use a Dash Cam?

- To provide evidence in case of an accident

- To protect against fraudulent claims

- It could settle a claim faster

- To improve driving

- To capture unexpected events

- With parking mode, record footage of any impacts when parked.

- You may receive a discount on your vehicle insurance if you use a dash cam

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