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Vehicle CategoryMinor Service
71 Point Service
2nd / 6th / 10th /
68 Point Service
3rd / 5th /7th
Major – 77 Point
4th, 8th, 12th
Mileage 40k or 80k

Vauxhall Cars under 3 years old (Genuine Vauxhall Parts) £189.00 £259.00 £195.00 £349.00
All-Makes Servicing Over 3 Years Old (Vauxhall Approved Parts) £219.00 £159.00 £269.00
Commercial Vehicles
Vivaro & Movano Inc. Air Filter & Fuel Filter @ 4years
£249.00 £389.00
VXR Models1st Service 2nd Service 3rd Service 4th Service
Astra / Zafira VXR
£210.00 £270.00 £210.00 £390.00
Corsa / Meriva VXR £210.00 £240.00 £210.00 £390.00
Insignia VXR £260.00 £300.00 £260.00 £395 (plus plugs)


With Midlands Vauxhall , it's now even easier than ever to book a regular service or annual MOT for your Vauxhall vehicle. Simply complete the step-by-step online process below to book an appointment. This form enables you to choose your preferred retailer, the servicing work you require, and when you would like to drop off your vehicle. Your appointment will be made immediately, so all you need to do is turn up on the day.

We strive to work efficiently while always maintaining the highest standards, and our manufacturer-trained technicians use only genuine Vauxhall parts when a replacement is needed. With competitive prices and a number of generous offers available, including our local Price-Match for like-for-like repair quotes, there are numerous benefits to choosing Midlands Vauxhall for your servicing requirements.

You can also book a service or MOT by giving your nearest Midlands Vauxhall dealership a call directly, or by visiting us in person – we'll be happy to assist.

Vauxhall Servicing
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