All-Makes Fixed Price Servicing | Rugby, Coventry and Daventry | Midlands Vauxhall


Quality servicing for all makes and models

There are many things to consider when it comes to servicing your car. Whether it’s location, quality or cost, we have a solution to suit you, no matter what make or model you drive.

So why choose us for your car’s next service?

We offer expertise, quality and value, we think you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. Our highly trained technicians have the skills to work on any brand of car, new or old. Using specially selected All Makes Approved parts that are the perfect fit for each vehicle.

Oil & Filter Change and Vehicle Health Check^~ from only £99 Book Now

Why not upgrade your 25 Vehicle Health Check, and have your oil and filter changed.

Minor - 68 Point All-Makes Service from only £159 Book Now

Our minor service is designed for the average mileage user which is generally due a service every 12 months and the vehicle covers less that 20k miles per year, Our Vauxhall/ATA trained technicians will conduct each service to the highest possible standard.

We recommend booking the interim service if your vehicle is up to date with its service schedule and has had an Interim or major service last time

Recommended for your 1st,3rd ,5th, 7th, 9th and 11th Service

Main - 71 Point All-Makes Service from only £219 Book Now

Our Main 71 Point Service is basically designed as a service between having a Minor and Major or vice versa, Our Vauxhall ATA trained technician will visually examine your front and rear braking system with all the wheels removed, check and replace the fuel filter if necessary & check and replace the key fob batteries where necessary too

Recommended for your 2nd, 6th,10th Year Service

Major – 77 Point All-Makes Service only £269 Book Now

Our major service is our most comprehensive service with all scheduled service items such as spark plugs, air filters & Cabin filters all replaced in line with the manufactures guidelines, all parts are manufacture genuine parts recommended and designed specifically for your vehicle and fitted to the highest standard by highly trained Vauxhall ATA trained technicians. Available as a pre-booked waiting appointment, so you can carry on with your day hassle free. We recommend this service if you are unsure what your vehicle had on its last service or maybe your circumstances means the routine servicing fell behind, this service will get you back on track and ensure worry free motoring.

Recommended for your 4th, 8th, 12th Year Service / Vehicle Mileage 40k or 80k

​Brake Fluid Change​ from only £59

​Absorbs moisture which retains and lowers the boiling point 

​​Anti-Freeze Change​ from only £59

​Helps dissipate heat, prevents freezing & reduce internal corrosion

​1Lt oil top-up​ from only £11.99

Top-up between service with the same grade already in the engine supplied by us

Air-Con Refresh from only £24.99

Will reduse bad odours & kill bacteria that may have formed

Fuel Treatments from only £13.20

Reduce residue, reduce carbon build up, burn fuel cleaner

Courtesy Cars from only £9.95

Insurance Admin charge per day, piece of mind to know you are covered



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